Cancellation & Refund Policy


Revised November 3rd, 2022 PLEASE READ AND ENSURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING REFUND POLICY WHEN PURCHASING FROM WWW.DRONE.SYSTEMS.LUMENSCUBED.COM OR ANY OF ITS ASSOCIATED SITES OR PAGES. AUTOMATIC RENEWAL CANCELLATION PERIOD (RIGHT TO RESCIND) URIEL CORPORATION® (DBA: “EPIC VENTURES™”) purchases for products or services through the website and or through other URIEL CORPORATION® (DBA: “EPIC VENTURES™”) websites may NOT be cancelled and are to be considered NON-REFUNDABLE. Membership Plans, if any, renew automatically on an annual basis. Current Active Membership Plans become active the day payment is received by URIEL CORPORATION® (DBA: “EPIC VENTURES™”) regardless of your method of payment. If you wish to cancel automatic renewal and not subscribe to a recurring Membership Plan, you have to do so before your current active annual subscription plan expires (the “CANCELLATION PERIOD”). Please note that your current active Membership Plan cannot be canceled and you will NOT be refunded for anything you have purchased. In addition, any contracts or agreements that you may enter into with URIEL CORPORATION® (DBA: “EPIC VENTURES™”) shall be subject to the terms and provisions stated in each respective contract or agreement.

REQUEST FOR AUTOMATIC RENEWAL CANCELLATION Requests for automatic renewal cancellation must be received by the Client/Purchaser/Customer within the stated CANCELLATION PERIOD in writing at Requests submitted through any other method of communication are not accepted, and shall not constitute a valid request for cancellation. CANCELLATION AFTER CANCELLATION PERIOD Following the CANCELLATION PERIOD, no right of cancellation or refund exists and your Membership Plan will automatically renew due to the electronic nature and immediate accessibility and/or delivery of the Company’s products and services, therefore any cancellations are at the Company’s sole and absolute discretion.  The Client/Purchaser/Customer understands and agrees that all payments are final, except as explicitly described in their Purchase or other Agreements that are required to access or purchase, the products and or services of URIEL CORPORATION® (DBA: “EPIC VENTURES™”), from the website, and or from its other present or future websites, affiliates, vendors, business partners, and third party collaborators. Because it would be extremely difficult and impractical to assess damages suffered by the Company in the event of default or termination of such Purchase, and due to the digital nature and immediacy of availability, the Client/Purchaser/Customer must understand and agree that all funds paid for automatic renewal of a Membership Plan are non-refundable beyond the stated CANCELLATION PERIOD. No Refunds. Customer shall pay Uriel Corporation® (DBA: Epic Ventures™) all fees and or expenses that are associated with Services and or Products that may be made available, and or as such may relate to the use of the Services and the Products. Customer’s payments are not fully or partially refundable unless there is a written executed agreement between the purchaser and with Uriel Corporation® (DBA: Epic Ventures™) that states otherwise. Contacting URIEL Users are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns. Support is available via telephone during normal business hours, Monday through Friday between 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Central Standard Time at 1 (866) 787-4352 TOLL FREE, or via email at