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Uriel Corporation® is a Research & Development, Engineering Think Tank, founded in 1984 that develops disruptive innovations with high value new-twist functionality for high value targeted market niches. This website showcases Uriel Corporation® Drone Charging & Control Platforms and Accessories for any type and size of Drone.

Uriel Corporation's Lumens³® Drone Recharging Platforms can charge any type or size of Drones and they can provide different voltage and current requirements that a drone might need. Drones can communicate back and forth with our Drone Charging Platforms to make sure that the Drone Charging Platform is not malfunctioning, and to make sure that the charging system have and can deliver power to any drone requesting a charge from either battery, power grid, or alternative power sources that might be manually or automatically selected by the drone or by the drone operator.
  • Portable, Mobile, and Permanent Base Station Drone Recharging Platforms
  • Solar Charging Panels
  • Removable Rechargable Long Life Batteries
  • Drone Actuation & Control Accessory Modules & Software
  • Drone Locking Mechanisms
  • Various Drone Charging Platforms-Light Pole Packages Available
  • Drone Charging Platform-Light Pole Installation Services Available

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