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  • Intelligent Drone Charging Platforms w/Drone Control Flight Actuation & Drone Operations Control Technology
    Drone Charging Platforms have Actuated Device Control Modules, Software, Automated & Manual Wireless Controls that allow Drone Operators to Control & Charge Drones. Systems can control Wireless Devices from Drones or from the Drone Charging Base Station. Systems include Selectable Power Options that can charge drones & power additional attachable devices.
  • Landing, Charging, & Remote Control Operations
    Charging Platforms send Homing Signals, GPS Coordinates, Altitude, Guidance, and Navigational Sensor Information to Drones, including available charging parameters that can accommodate and adjust for different current and voltage levels and provide such data to requesting drones so that drones can find the Charging Station, Land Securely, Dock, Charge Automatically and be put on Standby to be ready for further Drone Operation Commands.
  • Third Party Device Control & Attachments
    Actuation Modules, Software, and Controls are built into the Drone Charging Platforms where such systems can interface with Drone Communication Circuits and Drone Controller APIs to further control Drones and where Drones can be used to Turn Third Party Devices or Alert Systems On or Off or to control such devices through Uriel Corporation\'s Actuated Systems. Special Drone Mechanical Attachments on Drones and on the Charging Platform allow Drones to Mechanically Lock and Dock to the Platform for charging.



Drone Charging Platform Features. See Video.

  • Remote
  • Charging Systems
  • Controllers & API
Uriel Corporation® Drone Recharging Controllers w/Actuation Control Capabilities are built into charging platforms.
Drone Controllers and Controls on the Base Station Charging Platforms Interface with and control Drones and the Uriel Corporation® Drone Charging Platforms.
Drone Charging Platforms have Ergonomic Automatic & Manual Controls on the Base Station Charging Platforms, on Drones. and on Drone Controllers and Actuation Modules.
Uriel's Charging. Actuation & Control Technology can be programmed and or set to control and or actuate a wide variety of drones for a wide variety of applications and operations that a drone or drone bots or robotic systems might be used for.
Other Uriel Corporation® Drone Recharging Platform Features and Capabilities.

• Uriel Recharging Systems reduce personnel traveling time to remote areas. Drone Recharging Platforms are designed to receive a Control Signal when it is in Close GPS proximity with the Recharging Platform where the Signal produced by the Landing Drone has the proper codes to activate electromagnetic or electro-mechanical system(s) to attract or lock down drone components or legs of a Landing Drone for Secure Docking to immobilize the Drone against high winds by electromagnetically and or electro-mechanically locking down the Drone to the Recharging Platform.

• Drone Recharging Platforms emit a receiving a Control Signal to activate an Electro-mechanical or Electromagnetic locking mechanism triggered from a Sensor being activated built into the Recharging Platform’s Landing Areas. When a Drone lands and rests upon the Drone Recharging Platform, the Sensor(s) activate a Locking Mechanism to Slide over and trap the feet of the Drone to Lock it onto the feet of the drone to immobilize it to prevent drone damage from high winds where the drone can then charge or be put on standby and can be shut down.

• The Locking Mechanism is designed to save Power after the Electromagnetic Systems are used initially to secure a landing or a locked footing. Drones can be locked down onto the platform to keep them secure and so the drone cannot fall off the platform. In permanent applications, Drone recharging platforms might be used in situations where a drone might need to be locked down on the platform to avoid damaging the drone from falling off the platform due to high winds, vibration, rain, snow, sleet, or other variables.

• A MAGNETIC PADLOCK LED SYMBOL FLASHES RED when there is an error malfunction with the electromagnetic lock and or with the electro-mechanical locking operation of the system. The drone recharging platform is capable of transmitting information to drones and to users through bi-directional communications that inform the drones and users that the drone recharging platform have available power to charge a drone; where various power modes can provide power status information that conveys that either the Batteries are Depleted, or if the system is preparing to be ready to execute a charging cycle, and where the system will state what percent charge level is left in the system.

Automatically Adjustable Power. Current, & Voltage Settings.
Drone recharging platform landing areas are comprised of a landing platform, a wireless charging plate for providing electrical power to the drone received by the landing area wherein the landing area contains the charging plate that wirelessly charges the drone at least partially through induction. Recharging Platforms have the capability to communicate with authorized drones, where said systems and authorized drones can be controlled by remote devices, smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, etc. Drone Charging Station Platforms have the ability to receive and adjust for specific power, current, & voltage requests from drones that need a charge. Drone recharging platforms can provide for a place for drone landing and maintenance and to keep drones fully charged where they can also be place in STANDBY operational modes and then later be controlled and launched for specific missions. Drones can send current and power requirements to the drone recharging platform to automatically calibrate charging platforms for proper charging. Portable and Mobile Uriel Drone Recharging Platform Systems are rapidly deployable. Further options include Permanently Installed Drone Recharging Platforms.
Multiple Power Sources can be Selected.
The Drone Charging Platforms can use various power sources, including: Long Life Replaceable Rechargeable Battery Packs and Solar Panel Systems for portable Drone Charging Platforms. Permanent Charging Platforms can be installed directly to the Power Grid, to Generators, and to Solar Power Sources.
Charging Information from Drone Charging Platforms are conveyed to drones and to cell phone and wireless computer networks.
The Drone Charging Platforms are not limited to local operations. Drones that are far from the Drone Charging Platforms can query for Drone Charging Platform Locations that might have available power through cell phone and wireless computer networks that they are wirelessly attached to. Radio, cell phone, satellite, and or wireless communication is available to drones to provide relevant power & charging information where Drones that are given access are authorized to Receive a Charge.

• Uriel Drone Recharging Platforms, can be used to effectively establish K-9 Border Patrol K-9 Operation Control Outpost Units and command centers for a totally integrated multilayered electronics system that can further interface with further subsystems and actuated devices for a turnkey End-to-End operational security solution. Sensing and Actuation of systems, subsystems, and connected devices can energize, control and automate procedures, operations, electro-mechanical systems and other devices designed for different applications involving robotics, controlling tasks for a particular purpose, and for surveillance and monitoring and countermeasure control applications.

• One example of an actuated system response would be to release K-9 forces from K-9 command control outposts by users opening dog cage doors and by operating other K-9 operational devices and systems through automatically actuated electro-mechanical dog kennel door gates and other electro-mechanical systems where automated systems can issue K-9 commands to dogs to mobilize, command and control K-9 forces to perform missions that they have been trained to perform.

• Uriel Recharging Systems and Other LED Lighting, Sensing Systems and Actuated Devices can provide an array of systems and electronic layers of security that can be implemented that allow the integration and wireless communications of data gathering devices through IoT and Sensing Systems IoT Sensor Technology, GPS Circuitry, Wireless Technology and Communication Circuit modules built into Uriel’s drone recharging platforms.

The API offered by Uriel can allow Drone Manufacturers to create interfaces, software modules, and hardware actuation circuits to control the Drones, the Drone Charging Platforms, and all Drone-to-Drone Charging Platform Communications. Wireless Technologies for Human Integration through Wireless Devices worn by Humans or Robots can be controlled and actuated by Sensors Actuation Technologies and IoT Devices in the field. Communications to and from Drones and Recharging Base Stations tell what kind of power is available, the power availability status of the Drone Recharging Platforms, and if the Platform is currently being used or if it is free to receive a drone. Each unit exchanges other information with the Drone that will give Authorized Drones access and Authority to find and use the charging platform, to land on the charging platform, to securely dock through electromagnetic and or electro-mechanical means, to securely charge, to rest on the charging platform, and or take off from the charging platform.
Anomaly and Normal Operations Monitoring
Drone Charging Systems can be used for End-to-End Threat and or Anomaly & Normal Operations Monitoring Systems. Such Systems can be used for a wide range of industrial, corporate, business, manufacturing, warehouse, and government applications. These technologies can combine all types of Drones, Drone Charging Platforms, Blimps, K9 Outpost Training and Control Systems, K9 Field Operations Management, Advanced LED Lighting with Sensing Systems, and Actuation Control Modules integrate with IoT technologies, systems and subsystems. These systems can be combined to provide an End-to-End Security that can monitor Anomalies and Normal Operations. Such Solutions can be comprised of Uriel’s Advanced LED Lighting Systems, Sensing Systems, Actuated Devices, Drones, K9 Systems, Blimps, including Drone & Blimp Charging Systems.
Controllable and Actuated Devices can be programmed and operated through Custom Commands available found on the Mobile Drone Controller, and on the Drone Charging Platform to control a large number of attached wireless devices through connections that can be expanded to control and actuate a good number of wirelessly attached devices.

• Recharging platforms use and activate actuation circuits to provide alerts and actuation control signals to security agents, to police, to border patrol agents, to drug enforcement agents, to military units, to the coast guard units, to F.E.M.A., to border control K-9 actuation systems that can be made to release dogs automatically into their guard patrol sector areas from dog cages, to robotics systems, to drones, to drone robotics, to drone sensing systems, to blimp surveillance drones, and to UAVs.

• Drone recharging platforms report the GPS coordinates of the drone recharging platform to satellites, cell towers, to remote control devices, to smart phones, to computers, to onboard vehicle computers to military vehicle computers and systems, to corporate laboratories, to corporate manufacturing, industrial, or warehousing centers, for parking lot surveillance, for city surveillance, for drone delivery applications, for research, scientific, and engineering field operations centers, command centers, and laboratories, and to military or intelligence gathering networks or command centers, etc. Drone recharging platforms have the ability to launch drones to perform specific missions through actuation and control circuits including executing commands for drones to engage in swarm surveillance & swarm drone robotics operations like drone delivery, drone aerial photography, drone traffic monitoring, drone weather surveillance, drone event coverage, industrial drone operations, manufacturing assembly line operations drone monitoring, drone sports coverage, etc.

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